About MyAutoDeal.com

Today, over 90% of car shoppers begin their process on the internet. The industry has been very successful at distributing product information to consumers online. It has been less effective in helping consumers with price discovery. While auto pricing sites like edmunds.com, kbb.com, and truecar.com provide detailed price data, they don't provide actionable personalized advice to consumers looking to make their best car deal. MyAutoDeal was created to fill this void. Through a discussion forum format, MyAutoDeal provides free presonalized pricing and negotiation advice to its users. By leveraging the knowledge of veteran auto sales professionals, as well as the experience of other consumers, MyAutoDeal users gain a clearer understanding of what the best deal possible is for their desired vehicle. Moreover, MyAutoDeal users can ask and get answers about any aspect of the car buying process. MyAutoDeal gives both new and used car shoppers the price and negotiation advice needed to make their best car deal.